We provide the world’s best strategists and executors to make your Startup-Go!

Don’t know what to do next with your business? We got dis! Let us provide you a detailed plan tailored to your business, however complex or specialized. Our strategists and executors have successful backgrounds in complex scientific and abstract creative businesses. We will customize your next steps and make execution clear and simple.



“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results” – Sir Winston Churchill



"Learning how to understand how technology evolves, using tools like a Technology Road Map, is what you need more than anything to ride on top of the tsunami instead of being crushed by it." -Peter Diamandis



“A strategy, even a great one, doesn’t implement itself”

You want the best, you got the best.


The world’s best don’t come cheap, which is why Startup-Go leverages a distributed network of the greatest minds. This global, distributed syndicate enables top professionals to give back to the startup community with their contact information protected and their time respected. The Startup-Go core team accesses these professionals for you or directly leverages their previous work and wisdom, harnessing the power of peak execution and performance to tailor your concise execution plan.

Sometimes these shadowy figures emerge and involve themselves directly in your business execution when they are inspired by your goals, ideas, and persistence.

Leverage the Insight Syndicate now by scheduling an appointment with the Startup-Go core team.

Make It So



Complex science or technology problems?


As a part of The Insight Syndicate, Startup Go leverages our distributed network to provide the smartest people in the cosmos to solve the biggest scientific or technical problems faced by your startup. Focused on disruptive technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Synthetic Biology, Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrencies, Cybersecurity, Space Exploration, and Earth Sciences; Starfish Insight has your most complex S&T problems covered. Starfish Insight operates a collective of applied research laboratories with key partners to bring you research and development capabilities at a fraction of the typical cost, with built-in expertise and assistance.

Starfish Insight





As a part of the Insight Syndicate, #notblacklabs offers creative and unorthodox solutions to the toughest execution challenges. As special forces or intelligence service operators will tell you: sometimes it takes unorthodox measures to assure strategic execution.